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What is the Process and Benefits of Under-Eye Filler

under-eye filler

The eyes are the most prominent feature of the human body. The under-eye region is very delicate. Often we notice dark circles shadows and hollowness which makes our eyes look tired. If you have any of the symptoms then under-eye fillers can be the best option for you.

Under-eye fillers can do wonder to your eyes. It can correct several issues effectively. But it’s important to consult an aesthetic practitioner before undergoing the process.

Ageing is a natural process and the first sign of ageing starts from the eyes. The common signs are under eye hollowness, tear through and shadow. Though it doesn’t have any potential health risk it makes us look more tired and aged. Sometimes rapid weight loss also causes under eye hollowness. Dermal fillers help to plum up the under-eye area making it more bright and rested.

The Process Of Under Eye Filler

A thorough consultation at Diamond Skin is necessary before considering the treatment. Your doctor will ask about your medical history, chronic disease or any medication that you might take regularly. Generally, blood-thinning medication needed to be stopped several days before the treatment as it will increase the risk of bruises.

On the day of treatment, a numbing lotion will be applied to the under-eye region. After 10 to 15 mins the under-eye filler will be applied using a sharp needle. You will feel a little tingling sensation and will experience little bruises which will go away within one or two days. Some people even experience very few bruises that might go away within that day only.

Benefits of Under Eye Filler

Under eye, fillers have several advantages which are as follows

  • It’s is a non-invasive procedure so no need to go under the knife.
  • The process is fast and Swift as it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Immediate results can be noticed after the treatment
  • The under-eye region becomes brighter, plumper and you will look more youthful. Eyes will look more rested and beautiful.
  • Under-eye, fillers add more volume and definition to your under-eye region and your cheeks also.

After-Treatment Precautions:

Your doctor will prescribe some precautions needed to be followed strictly. These are as follows:

  • Don’t touch your face or use any strong chemicals like AHA or BHA after 6-8 hours of filler treatment
  • Don’t use pressure on the treated area
  • Do not use an exfoliator or retinol immediately
  • Don’t go to the sauna or don’t use steam
  • Avoid alcohol for few days.

Side Effects: Certain side effects can be observed after undergoing under-eye filler treatment which will go away within few days. These after effects are:

  1. Swelling and Bruising will be the two main side effects that can be observed and will be subsidies within a week.

Redness, lumps or bumps, pain and discolouration are some of the rare side effects which also goes away within few days.