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Welcome to Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, where we proudly offer the finest Microdermabrasion Treatment in London. Our dedicated team of skilled aestheticians ensures that each session of Microdermabrasion treatment is carried out with utmost precision and efficacy.

Microdermabrasion Treatment London is highly sought after by our valued clients. This remarkable treatment is skillfully administered by our professional team, who have successfully catered to numerous satisfied clients in the past. Our expert skincare therapists adeptly eliminate dead cells and dull skin from the surface layer, revealing a fresh, radiant, and hydrated complexion.

By undergoing our Microdermabrasion Treatment London, you can achieve an even skin tone, brightness, and exfoliation. This specific treatment effectively addresses concerns such as acne, scars, stretch marks, pores, and blackheads.

At Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, we utilise a specially designed microdermabrasion device that boasts a remarkable success rate of 99 percent after each treatment. We highly recommend booking a consultation with our experienced skin care therapists, who will carefully evaluate your skin condition and determine the most suitable treatment plan for you.

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Microdermabrasion Treatment

For a precise cost estimate, we kindly request you to discuss your specific requirements with our clinic coordinator. They will thoroughly review your needs and provide you with the accurate pricing information.


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Preparation, Aftercare & For Best Results

Please refrain from the following activities for a period of two weeks after your treatment:

  • Undergoing cosmetic injectable treatments
  • Exposing yourself excessively to direct UV rays
  • Conducting laser hair removal or IPL treatments on the face
  • Waxing the face immediately after the treatment
  • Being aware that red rashes may develop following microdermabrasion treatment
  • Applying depilatory products on the face for one week after the treatment
  • Using any active ingredients on the skin for three days after the treatment
  • Receiving chemical peel treatments for three days after the treatment
  • Engaging in exfoliating treatments for five days after the treatment
  • Picking or pulling any loose skin.

Before undergoing our non-invasive Microdermabrasion treatments, we strongly advise consulting with our skilled skincare specialist. Rest assured that our clinical salon is dedicated to providing satisfying results through Microdermabrasion. By opting for this treatment, you can expect the reduction of enlarged pores, blackheads, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Following the treatment, your skin will exhibit a more youthful appearance, with improved evenness, moisture, hydration, brightness, and a fresh complexion.

Our team of Microdermabrasion professionals excels in delivering hassle-free and painless treatments. They possess extensive expertise in identifying the target areas for Microdermabrasion. For facial treatments, the jawline, neck, cheekbones, and forehead are typically the designated areas. However, if you require treatment on other areas of your body, our professionals will tailor the procedure accordingly to meet your specific needs.

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Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is a preferred beauty clinic in Wembley. We offeradvanced skin treatments to clients suitable for their skintypes. We are a team of professional doctors and nurses who possess more than a decade of experience. We provide premium quality skin treatments at an affordable price.

Our expert team of clinicians and doctors have delivered treatments to clients from across the country with 100% satisfactory results. We offer you a competitive rate for all advanced skincare treatments while ensuring the best customer experience and maintain our reputation as the top laser clinic London.

We always focus oncustomerhappiness; hence, we offer them personalised treatments to make them satisfied with our service. Being the best laser clinic Wembley, we always strive to live up to our customer’s expectations. We curate our treatment procedures around the individual needs of each client an make them happy with the results. Book a free consultation for laser treatment today, and let our aestheticians help you with a radiant skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To expedite your search for answers, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions from our valued customers. Please refer to the following FAQs for quick access to the information you seek.

Experience the finest quality Microdermabrasion Treatment in London, which requires no downtime post-session. Our team of expert aestheticians will guide you through a comprehensive post-treatment care regimen, promoting accelerated healing and optimising the results.

Upon leaving our clinic, you will personally witness the transformative effects of the treatment. You will radiate a glowing, fresh, and rejuvenated appearance, instilling a newfound confidence and a joyous smile on your face.

Post-treatment care plays a crucial role in Microdermabrasion Treatment in London. It is imperative to consult our professionals regarding the necessary steps to follow after undergoing the treatment.

Typically, after the treatment, it is important to cleanse your face thoroughly using a gentle cleanser. Avoid using any additional scrubs as Microdermabrasion itself is an exfoliating treatment. Instead, focus on maintaining proper hydration by following a CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine. Adequate water intake is also recommended to keep your skin hydrated.

To further enhance your skincare regimen, we offer a range of five Institut products specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Achieving optimal results from the treatment depends entirely on your commitment. Adhering diligently to the recommended Do’s and Don’ts provided by our professionals will undoubtedly assist you in attaining your desired outcome post-treatment.

At our clinic, we strive to deliver cost-effective skincare treatments, tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements. So, without further hesitation, we invite you to visit us and embark on your skincare journey.

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