Cosmetic Grade Peels

Cosmetic Grade Peels

Cosmetic Grade Peels

Cosmetic grade peels are a quick and easy way to regenerate a fresh and healthy layer of skin on your face. Clinical grade peels are used to cure some of the most common skin conditions, which will revive the healthy glow of your skin.

Our skincare experts use a wide range of naturally derived acids to resurface your skin, repair cell damage, restore collagen, and promote cell renewal for ideal skin health. Our proficient selection of nourishing, soothing, and cooling products helps to heal and hydrate your skin, and our additional skin services help in giving you a complete custom-made clinical peel experience.

We are a preferred cosmetic grade peels treatment provider in London. We offer you good rates along with the best aftercare support so that you get the best of skin.

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Preparation and Aftercare

Frequently Ask Questions

The results of the peel depend on the type of peel used, present skin condition, and the depth of the peel. You must discontinue medications before chemical peels, as they may cause side effects. With mild to moderate exfoliation, redness and swelling may occur during the first 5 days of the cosmetic grade peels.

Before and aftercare of treatment is very important so that you can get maximum results with minimum side effects of chemical peels. Use any soap-free mild face wash for your face, and twice a day apply hydrating moisturizer. Use sunscreen lotion daily to avoid sun exposure for 1-week post peel.

Depending on the procedure undergone, some peels give more immediate results because they are less invasive and are superficial. In the case of invasive treatments, which are deeper chemical peels take more time to see results, maybe 1-3 months. But they have more lasting impacts than the less invasive treatments. We will advise on acosmetic grade peels treatment plan after considering the skin concerns you have.

As we age, the natural skin regeneration process slows down. At times our skin becomes dehydrated and dull. Depending on several external factors and progressing skin conditions, marks, scars, and blemishes may have occurred on your skin that needed to be rid of. Our specialist will assess the present condition of the skin and suggest treatment accordingly.

We are happy to help. Your complete satisfaction is our No.1 goal.

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