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At Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, we offer personalised services while addressing your individual skincare needs. If you want to look and feel the beauty of the diamond, our aesthetic clinic Wembley offers the best quality treatment. Be it Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Dermal Fillers, we provide you with the best treatment.

We are a leading Laser clinic London. At Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, our professional aestheticians provide an extensive range of advanced skin treatments. Our doctors and nurses cater to individual skin types and concerns, delivering fantastic results in each treatment. Our top-grade service has made us the preferred aesthetic clinic Wembley.

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Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is a preferred beauty clinic in Wembley. We offeradvanced skin treatments to clients suitable for their skintypes. We are a team of professional doctors and nurses who possess more than a decade of experience. We provide premium quality skin treatments at an affordable price.
Our expert team of clinicians and doctors have delivered treatments to clients from across the country with 100% satisfactory results. We offer you a competitive rate for all advanced skincare treatments while ensuring the best customer experience and maintain our reputation as the top laser clinic London.
We always focus oncustomerhappiness; hence, we offer them personalised treatments to make them satisfied with our service. Being the best laser clinic Wembley, we always strive to live up to our customer’s expectations. We curate our treatment procedures around the individual needs of each client an make them happy with the results. Book a free consultation for laser treatment today, and let our aestheticians help you with a radiant skin.

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Step by Step Laser Hair Removal Guide

The duration of laser hair removal procedure varies as per the area you want to treatand also the skin tone of the person undergoing the treatment. Small areas like underarms may take about 15 minutes and larger areas can take approximately 1 hour to 2.5 hours.
Yes, at Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, we provide safe and effective laser hair removal for darker skin types. We use ND: YAG laser by Gentle Max Pro to treat the skin area effectively. We generally suggest 6 – 8 treatments depending on the area to be treated, the volume of hair growth and its thickness. We will take a patch test during the consultation and accordingly suggest the treatment procedure.
The laser hair removal process is not a very painful one. Our clients have shown tolerance to the treatment procedure. However, the discomfort they felt they had described it as an elastic band pinging on the skin. While applying laser, we blow cool air on the skin surface to avoid skin irritation. We always recommend a patch test to clients so that they understand how it would feel when going through the treatment.
We treat dark skin and darker hair shade in a slightly different way as it contains a higher level of melanin as compared to lighter skin tone and hair. We at Diamond Skin and Laser Clinic use GentleMax Pro, which has the Nd: YAG laser built-in as it is best for treating darker skin types. The laser penetrates very deep into the skin and removes the hair follicle and not skinpigments.

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Absolutely the BEST Skin Expert ANYWHERE!!! No problem at all!!! Diamond Skin and Laser Clinic is by far the most knowledgeable as well when it comes to different techniques! I recommend it to everyone!!!
Angelite Bragg
At first, I left the store a little unhappy due to miscommunication, and when I walked in 15 minutes later, DSL Clinics was SO nice to fix my concerns and leave me feeling much better about my Skin.
Abigail Douglass
Absolutely Love Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic!! It’s amazing and Never disappoints.
Shannon Peterson-Sturgeon

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