Brazilian Bum Lift

Brazilian Bum Lift

Whether you want to have bigger and round shaped buttocks or symmetric bottom line, the Brazilian bum lift London can make your expectation come true. Our doctors and aestheticians offer non-surgical butt lift treatment. As there is no downtime to Brazilian bum lift treatment, Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic carries four sessions over 14 days. You can expect the desired result once you complete the whole treatment sessions. While some may see immediate results, others may experience slow results, like about six weeks following definitive treatment.

Why Should You Get a Brazilian bum lift?

Apart from body aesthetics, you get countless benefits with a perfect buttock. Our medical experts help you build and strengthen the muscles and burn fats without the time-consuming struggle of workouts. Brazilian bum lift is a popular treatment method and one of its only kind non-invasive procedures. What this means is you neither need recovery time nor anaesthesia and no requirement of needles too. The standard procedure can be finished within 30 minutes over two weeks. Once you undergo treatment at Brazilian bum lift London, you may experience results in a short while.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Some clients notice an increase in muscle tone one day following the treatment procedure. There is roughly a 16% increase in muscle mass on the buttocks/glutes. The results of this treatment can last from 18 months or longer; like with any muscle-building, it’s important to keep exercising and building the muscle to maintain results so that it does not weaken.
EMSCULPT causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes; this targets fat loss to the area of the muscle.
The EMSCULPT treatment is often described by clients as an intense workout. The treatment procedure does not hurt.You may only feel the muscle contracting. However, the intensity can be changed to your comfort level.
The EMSCULPT procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lay down during the procedure and relax while the aesthetician carries out the treatment. You will get a feeling of muscle contraction;however, the intensity will be increased or decreased to your comfort level. Those who need less muscle density can usually tolerate a higher intensity.
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