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What Is A TCA Peel?

A TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel is a type of chemical skin peel that can be adjusted in depth based on the strength of the acid used (15%, 20%, 25%, etc.).


Is A TCA Peel Considered A Deep Chemical Peel?

A TCA peel with a concentration above 10% is classified as a medical-grade peel and should only be administered by qualified medical professionals. This is because it is a medium-depth to deep peel, depending on the strength of the acid used. It has the ability to penetrate beyond the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) and potentially reach the top layer of the papillary dermis (a deeper layer of the skin). Hence, this procedure should be conducted in a controlled environment by trained medical professionals, such as nurses or doctors.


What Are The Advantages Of A TCA Peel?

A TCA peel can effectively improve the appearance of shallow wrinkles and promote smoother skin. It stimulates the production of new collagen, the protein responsible for skin firmness. Additionally, it can address superficial pigmentation concerns. TCA peels are also capable of effectively removing abnormal cells within the superficial layers that could potentially lead to serious issues in the future, such as actinic keratoses.


How Many TCA Peels Are Required To See Results?

With a stronger TCA peel (20% – 25% or a combined TCA peel), noticeable results can be observed after a single session. Weaker strengths may necessitate a course of 3-4 treatments, followed by periodic maintenance every few months.

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Are TCA Peels Safe? (For All Skin Types)

TCA is a medical-grade product that is safe when used by properly trained individuals. Like any procedure, there are potential side effects, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, prolonged redness, cold sore virus infection, post-procedure contact irritant dermatitis, infection, and scarring. However, these risks are minimal when the procedure is performed by trained medical professionals. It’s important to note that TCA is a medical procedure, not something done in a beauty salon.

Are chemical peels like TCA only beneficial for individuals with problematic skin?

No, TCA peels are beneficial for all skin types. However, caution should be exercised when applying TCA to darker skin types, and in such cases, the treatment should only be administered by a doctor. Regularly peeling the skin encourages new cell turnover, which in the long run leads to a process known as “neocollagenesis” and collagen remodelling. Essentially, this means that your skin will become tighter, smoother, free of pigmentation, and will have a healthy glow. To maintain the results, it’s recommended to follow an appropriate at-home skincare regimen. Topical retinoids like 0.3% or 0.5% retinol or retinaldehyde work well to continue the benefits of peeling. Your practitioner, nurse, or doctor can assist you in selecting the most suitable maintenance regimen for your skin.

How many TCA peels are necessary to eliminate acne scars?

TCA peels are effective for treating mild boxcar acne scarring or mild rolling scars. Ice pick scars require a specialised medical procedure known as TCA CROSS. While TCA peels can result in a mild improvement in acne scars, more invasive procedures like laser resurfacing are required for substantial improvement. It’s important to remember that treating acne scarring is challenging and complete removal is virtually impossible; improvement is the primary goal. Managing acne effectively in its early stages can help prevent scarring.

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Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is a preferred beauty clinic in Wembley. We offeradvanced skin treatments to clients suitable for their skintypes. We are a team of professional doctors and nurses who possess more than a decade of experience. We provide premium quality skin treatments at an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Using pre and post-treatment care is crucial for achieving optimal results while minimising any potential side effects after the treatment. This practice is beneficial and leads to noticeable improvements, allowing your skin to heal and respond effectively. We recommend you not to use any kind of makeup for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime. Once your treatment session is complete, you can resume your regular activities without any interruptions. It typically requires around 10 or more sessions, and you will start noticing minor results after the first session. As you continue with additional sessions, the results become more visible.

We carefully select the most suitable treatment or combination of treatments by considering your skin type and primary concerns. Customising our services accordingly ensures optimal outcomes. It’s important to note that aftercare for your skin plays a significant role in achieving long-lasting benefits. Depending on the treatment, follow-up sessions may be necessary since results are not always permanent.

Choosing the appropriate treatment is similar to selecting the perfect pair of shoes to complement your outfit. Contact us to schedule a skin consultation. We take various factors into account when assessing your skin, and based on our analysis, we will recommend the most suitable customised treatment plan for you.

As LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment, you will notice minor results immediately. Typically, around 10 or more sessions of LED light therapy are required, depending on your specific skin concerns, with each session scheduled one week apart. During this time, your body will stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover, resulting in the flawless, smooth-textured, and healthy skin you desire.

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