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What is mole?

Moles, or naevi, are small growths on the skin that vary in size and shape. They are usually brown or black in colour and can appear all over the body. Most people have moles on their skin, and they are usually completely normal and harmless.

If you are worried about a suspicious mole that you have on your body, you should see a Dermatologist immediately. Get in touch today to find out how the team at The Dermatology Clinic can help.Having lots of moles is one of the strongest risk factors for developing a malignant melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. Other risk factors for development of skin cancer include: family history, having fair skin and high levels of sun exposure. Skin cancers are more common as you get older, but unfortunately one of the commonest cancers in young women is melanoma.



Do you have any dark, brown-coloured spots on your skin? These are moles, although they can also appear pink, flesh-coloured, black or even blue. A mole is a cluster of pigment cells and most of us have between 10 and 40 of them all over our bodies. Some people have hundreds of moles. They can vary in size and shape and can be either raised or flat.

Moles naturally vary in size and shape, but any unusual looking moles – or moles that are changing in appearance, or suddenly start itching, bleeding or weeping – should always be checked by a dermatologist.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible to schedule a mole check.

Mole removal is a safe and simple procedure. If you have a mole that is of concern to you – get in touch today to speak to a Private Dermatologist in our London mole removal Clinic.  

What causes moles to form?

Moles are caused by the overgrowth of melanocytes – these are skin cells that contain the pigment known as melanin. The reason for moles to form is not clearly understood but is thought to be mainly influenced by genetic factors and exposure to UV light from the sun. People who have lighter skin are more likely to have moles. They initially form in childhood and adolescence, however moles also appear in adulthood.

The majority of moles are completely harmless, but newly appearing or changing moles can be more worrying, and if you are concerned should be checked by your Dermatologist. 

Cancerous Moles & Reasons To Remove Them

Once one of our dermatologists has carried out an examination or mole screening they may recommend mole removal for any of the following reasons…

The mole is showing signs of skin cancer. 

The mole is atypical in appearance and could become cancerous in the future and is best removed as a precautionary measure.

The mole is causing you discomfort or its appearance is affecting your self esteem.

If the mole is a raised mole and is catching on your clothes.

Medical mole removal is required if one of our consultants suspects that the mole is actually a type of cancer, e.g. a melanoma. Signs that a mole may be cancerous include: 

Sudden appearance of a new mole.

An itchy, red or bleeding mole.

Change in shape or colour.

Irregularities around the edges (if the edges appear ragged, blurred or notched). 

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