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Laser Hair Removal In Wembley

Laser Hair Removal In Wembley

Caution: People usually are very concerned about the side effects of laser hair removal but if they consult and pursue someone who is experienced and well certified in this field, then the chances of these side effects can be greatly reduced.

How is laser hair removal done?

The first step of hair removal is the cleansing of the skin. Then comes the numbing part. Patients who have sensitive skin need to apply the numbing gel for thirty to sixty minutes before the session. The next step is holding the skin tight and performing a laser. But during this whole procedure, everyone must wear some protection on their eyes to avoid any damage through laser.
One can see the smoke and smell something like Sulphur during the procedure because laser treatment removes hair by vaporizing them. Also, the treatment time depends upon the area being treated. It may last an hour if it’s the hair on back and may take a minute or two if its just the upper lips area.

Precautions to take after the laser hair treatment

What one should do after the laser hair treatment in order to avoid all the possible side effects is to cover their skin while going out in order to protect it from the sun. Also, one should avoid any kind of tanning equipment particularly in the area that has been treated. Some people experience a bit of redness and swelling on their skin after the treatment so it should be comforted with a cold press. This redness and swelling do not last long so, one can easily carry out their daily activities.

Results after having laser hair removal

One does not have to wait for the results as they are most visible right after the treatment. But as there is variation in the color and thickness of the hair of every patient so, the results can also vary from person to person. Even the color of the skin and the type of laser that is used also affect the results.

Number of sessions required for complete removal of hair

Mostly three to six sessions are required in order to complete the treatment. But again, this variation of the number of sessions required solely depends on the circumstances of the patient. And once this treatment is done, most people do not see hair growth for several months or even years. Moreover, if there is regrowth of the hair it is very less and the grown hair also becomes light in color. Mostly, these hairs are not noticeable but if one wants to get rid of them, then they should go for maintenance laser treatments.
Moreover, the scheduling of the next session after the previous one differs from person to person depending on their availability and sensitivity of the skin. Mostly, the next session is after four to six weeks. But one should not rely on this information and consult their dermatologist for this.

Why one should go for laser treatment?

It is very tiring to continuously remove your hair through waxing, threading, tweezing, etc. So, in order to avoid this day-to-day hustle and pressure, it is better to opt for laser treatment and get rid of these hairs once and for all. It is more convenient and time-saving.

Side effects of laser treatment

One of the major concerns that make people hesitant about removing their hair through laser treatment is its side effects. With the advancing technology, a lot has been brought under control so people need to get rid of the stigma that is still associated with getting laser treatment. The possible side effects immediately after the treatment are just redness and swelling which can easily be treated through cold press. So, this is nothing to worry about. Then comes the long-term side effects that could possibly come with laser treatment are changes in skin tone, skin infections, blistering, scars on the skin, etc. But it is said that if the laser treatment is done under the supervision of an experienced dermatologist, then the chances of these side effects occurring are very rare.
With the passage of time and advancement in technology, laser treatments are not only becoming popular but are also improving on a daily basis. So, it is now much safer to go for laser hair removal than before. This will ultimately make life easy and convenient.