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Know the Process of Hair Removal for Men in London

Hair Removal for Men

Body hair is a natural occurrence but to some people, it may be physically uncomfortable. Generally, women go for hair removal but these days a good number of men are also considering getting rid of their rough and coarse body hair to flaunt their physique. That’s why Laser hair removal for men London is getting popular among men lately.

Men & women might be equal in the case of responsibility but both are having a vast difference in physical attributes and the type and patterns of body hair are very different in both. So before understanding the process of laser hair removal for men London we must know about the pattern of body hair men have.

Body hair is generally composed of keratin, a special type of protein that is also found in the nails of fingers and toes. Body hair grows under our skin surface in a tube-like structure called a follicle. It is generally of two types

  • Terminal
  • Vellus


Terminal hair is rough in texture. It is darker and longer and acts as a cushion against friction. This type of hair is found in both men and women but in different body parts. In women, they are found in armpits and pubic areas. But in the case of men, it is found on the chest, leg, back and even shoulders depending upon the geographical location and heredity.


This type of hair is soft and fine. They are generally found in different parts of a woman’s body such as in the face, chest, back, hands, legs etc. On the face, they are located above the upper lips. The colour and texture vary and depend on ethnic background, geographical location, heredity, tone & complexion and hormonal changes.

Hair Removal in Men- The Process and Benefits

As the hair in men is coarse and rough in texture so it needs a more permanent solution other than shaving or waxing. Shaving is good for the face but not suitable for the legs or the chest. Waxing is another option but it is painful and not permanent so most men doest find it useful.

Laser hair removal for men London is a safe, effective, painless cosmetic procedure, performed by doctors and yields good long-lasting results.


Laser hair removal is best suited for light-skinned people. It can be done on larger body parts and should be consulted with a doctor before the session. A laser beam is positioned through the skin to target the hair follicles to stop the growth.

Laser hair removal for men London takes around 30 minutes and requires 6-8 sessions to get desired and long-lasting results. So if you flaunt a bare chest picture on your social media, laser therapy is your pick.


  • FDA approved Nd-YAG Pain-Free Laser Technology is used
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Medically safe and monitored by a dermatologist
  • Pain-free and fast procedure with no downtime.

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