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Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Wembley

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Wembley

Do you often feel conscious about the wrinkles on your face? Well, do not worry as we have the perfect treatment for you. Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic is a leading service provider of antiwrinkle treatment in Wembley. We offer the most advanced treatment and help you get the perfect skin texture. Whether you want to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes or mouth, or if you want to get rid of those forehead skin curls, our doctors and nurses can offer you apersonalised treatment plan. We make sure that the anti wrinkle treatment result looks natural and aesthetic.

How Does Our Anti Wrinkle Treatment Work?

In order to understand how our antiwrinkle treatment Wembley serves customers, you need to have little idea about the skin. A wrinkle generally formson the skin surface, which has a contracting muscle located beneath it. The muscle in the forehead stays vertical. However, when you raise eyebrows, i.e., contraction happens, the wrinkled lines become horizontal.

The muscles responsible for developing frown lines are positioned slightly horizontally. When such muscles contract, frown lines become visible. While offeringanti wrinkle treatment Wembley, we inject filler liquid underneath the skin surface to promote collagen development and smoothen out the skin surface.Therefore, the muscle activities are now reduced with smoother-looking results.

The lack of contracting muscle makes the skin have a difficult time wrinkling. During muscle contraction, our nerves release a chemical messenger named acetylcholine. This chemical causes the muscle cells to shorten. The injected AntiWrinkle injections prevent the release of the chemical.

At Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, our aestheticians, doctors, ad nurses guarantee a reduction in muscle contraction after the anti wrinkle treatment inWembley. Likewise, the injections start to affect from the third day. However, some clients may experience aslight tingling sensation, which generally disappears within a day or two. To experience the full effect of the treatment, it may take up to ten days. Further, the therapy may last from four to six months. It all depends upon skin type, thickness, and degree of wrinkling.

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatment

The procedure that doctors and nurses in Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic provide is safe and straightforward. We always suggest you book a free consultation before the treatment procedure. Our doctors administer the treatment by diluting the component and injecting it into neuro-muscular tissue.

Generally, it takes 24-72 hours after anantiwrinkle treatment Wembley to show its effect. However, we don’t use any sedation or anaesthesia. Our experts only apply tropical ice pads to decrease skin sensation.

The treatment uses tiny injections into specific muscles. This might cause only minor discomfort. Likewise, two to six injections are enough. Additionally, once our experts from antiwrinkle treatment Wembley complete the therapy, you won’t face any pain.

Post-Treatment Care

The doctors and aestheticians at Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic advise not to consume alcoholfor a couple of days post treatment. You should also avoid exercising in the next twenty-four hours after the treatment. We also suggest you not lie down for a few hours. Some patients may face slight headaches a few hours after the treatment; however, make sure you don’t rub or massage those areas.

Walk Confidently

The advanced antiwrinkle treatment Wembley helps you look confident. The therapy undoubtedly removes your lines away. At Diamond Skin Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, we have the best team of FDA-approved techniques for offering your antiwrinkle treatment. Sit for a free consultation with our doctors and get back your charm.