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3 Popular Skin Whitening Process Recommended for a Visible Result

Skin Whitening

Our skin reflects our health and mind! We all desire to have flawless clear skin. But certain factors affect the skin conditions and take the glow away. Moreover, prolonged exposure to environmental hazards like sun, pollution etc. along with hormonal changes and ageing, affects our skin. This causes premature ageing and skin darkening and leaves us in acute depression. Skin darkening can also cause a loss of confidence. This is all thanks to the social taboo that is associated with it. But nothing to worry about! There is an array of treatments available for skin whitening. You need to choose the correct one that best suits your skin, age and budget.

The root cause of skin darkening occurs due to the accumulation of melanin pigments at certain skin parts, causing the complexion to appear duller and darker. Let’s look at some of the common skin whitening treatments that are safe and being used extensively.

Chemical peel

This process is quite popular and should be done by consulting with a broad spectrum dermatologist. The process involves applying alpha hydroxy acid with adequate concentration topically at certain body parts where you want to get lighter and even-toned skin. The acid concentration will be determined by the dermatologist at Diamond Skin which depends on your skin condition, expected results and recovery period. 

Generally, peels are of three types: light, medium and deep. The difference between them is the difference in concentration. With more concentration, the effect will be more dramatic, and the recovery period will be prolonged. Usually, a chemical peel exfoliates the superficial layer of the skin and eliminates dead skin cells, slower down damage and reduces melanin accumulation. It gives a new healthy and glowing skin that appears on the surface.


This is another popular skin whitening treatment. In this treatment, a skin lightening agent called glutathione is injected, which minimises the formation of an enzyme. This, in turn, decreases the melanin levels and gives an overall brighter complexion. It is also known to protect your skin tone from harmful UV rays and gives a brighter appearance to your skin. A qualified dermatologist should administer the dosage as the wrong dosage might cause serious issues. So before you go ahead with it, consult Dr Hsu at Diamond Skin.


The best and trusted process of skin whitening opted by millions is the laser technique. A dermatologist fully operates it. It is a fast process that requires 30 to 45 minutes with no downtime, and thus it is the most preferred one. A laser beam breaks the melanin build-up and thus gives you flawless, bright and glowing skin. A laser also helps in improving certain skin concerns like dark spots or sun spots, tanning, fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone & pigmentation. Due to its multiple benefits, it is the most recommended service.

Skin whitening treatment requires a holistic approach. At Diamond Skin, Dr Hsu recommends certain home-based maintenance products that are equally important to give you a long-lasting and subtle result. We also use IV Drips to give you unbelievable health results. Contact us for a quick consultation.