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Double Chin Removal- Causes and Removal

Double Chin Removal

Often we look into the mirror and find that our face is looking fuller, especially at the under chin region. This region is also called the submental region. Elimination of under the chin, fat deposition is known as the double chin removal process.

Causes Of Double Chin

Generally, double chin is associated with fat gain but it isn’t always necessary to be the same. A lot of things can cause the formation of a double chin

Skin ageing: With the clock ticking forward our body also starts to age slowly. Collagen and elastin are two proteins that are considered to be the foundation of youthful skin. After the age of 25, collagen begins to deplete slowly and thus skin starts to lose elasticity. With the work of gravity, the skin under our chin and jaw-line sag further and creates a double chin.

Structure of the face: Despite young age and slim physique some people develop double chins because of poor facial structure. Some people are born with a weak jaw-line and recessive chin which tends to sag easily and forms a double chin.

Poor posture: With prolonged use of devices like smartphones and laptops, we are prone to develop a double chin! It’s taking a toll on our posture. We tend to look down most of the time while working or chatting on these devices. Due to which the platysma muscle starts to weaken. This muscle connects the chin to the neck and thus skin adjacent to the muscle sags rapidly and develops a double chin.

Weight gain: The most common cause of double chin is gaining excess weight. The excess fat starts to deposit at certain parts of our body and so does on our face and under our chin.

Process Of Double Chin Removal

Double chin doesn’t cause any major health issues but might affect your self-esteem. There are several non-surgical processes at Diamond Skin by which a double chin can be removed such as

Skin tightening treatments

A number of skin tightening therapy such as laser skin tightening and certain ultrasound therapy tightens the skin around the neck and jawline and gives a good definition to the jawline. Treatment like Hifu, clear lift, Ultherapy etc helps in double chin removal.

Fillers: Dermal fillers are used to provide definitions to certain areas of the face. If it is injected along the jawline then it will enhance the jawline and reduce the effect of the double chin.

Lipolysis: This process uses heat to melt the excess fat under the chin but it doesn’t treat excess skin. It is a common process of double chin removal

Mesotherapy: It uses kybella an injectable drug to dissolve the fat. It is a minimally invasive process as uses several injections.

Double chin doesn’t have any health concerns but it can be an aesthetic concern for many. A systematic approach can help you get rid of it. So if you are suffering from this issue, time to make an appointment!