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Cool Sculpting: A Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedure

Cool Sculpting

The Cool Sculpting procedure is based on the science of cryolipolysis. It is a non-invasive procedure that means the procedure involves no incision, needles, or anaesthesia. It treats the visible fat of different areas. It is based on the principle of cooling the stubborn fat area to an extent that fat cells get destroyed by the cooling process and get absorbed in the body. Stubborn fats are those fats that have accumulated a certain part of the body and are not getting burnt by workout. 

How Does Cool Sculpting Procedure Works?

The fat reduction process done by surgery is a lengthy, risky and costly method. Surgical procedure is only beneficial for large fats. Now, as people have increasing awareness about different treatments, Cool Sculpting treatment has gained tremendous popularity over the recent years. Low fat can be easily reduced by this process at Diamond Skin. 

Cool sculpting procedure targets the stubborn fat area. It destroys the fat cells by the cooling process. The temperature contraction that comes out from the cool sculpting machine tears down the fat cells and converts the treated area fat-free. This procedure cuts almost 30 to 80 percent fat, and this measure varies from body to body. 

How Does It Feel While Taking Cool Sculpting Treatment?

This treatment takes 1 to 3 hours to depend on the area to be treated. You won’t feel any discomfort. The Cool Sculpting procedure is so much comfortable that while the therapy is being performed you can enjoy your time reading books, listening to songs, watching web series or even you can take a short nap. 

The applicator used in this process is placed on the skin. The therapist uses a technique that feels like a vacuum pull. It contracts the tissue together to target the stubborn fat effectively. The patient won’t feel any pain as the cool temperature of this process cools the numb area. 

This Cool Sculpting is For all Gender and Age Groups

To get a good result, your therapist should consider different factors. It is important to check the skin type, body fat, and the area where the therapy is going to perform. Different bodies have different skin types. People who are on their ideal weight and just want to contour some area of their body (where fat is stubborn), can opt for this wonderful therapy at Diamond Skin. Cool Sculpting is meant for people of all age groups. A prior consultation is recommended before taking a decision.

Cool Sculpting offers Permanent Results 

People with extremely busy schedules can easily avail this therapy as it is less time-consuming. You can get back to your normal life as soon as the therapy gets over. Cool Sculpting therapy is a permanent fat loss and inch loss therapy with minimal downtime. But it is not an alternative to exercise and diet. You will get the result in the long term only when you are on a proper diet and exercise. Consult our experts for more information.