Target stubborn double chin fat and streamline your profile

Chin Enhancement in London

Chin Enhancement

Chin Enhancement in London
Double chin is one of those stubborn areas that won’t reduce quickly due to genetics. Furthermore, as we age, the fat drops from the cheeks to the chin, which causes jowls. Cool Sculpting is an excellent choice for non-surgical double chin enhancement London. Fat freezing will reduce the fat cells under the chin by 20 to 25%, but also with the CoolMini™ of CoolSculpting® will also improve skin laxity and reshape the jawline. For skin laxity, we would recommend our HIFU treatments or Profound. For those looking for definition around the jawline, we would use CoolSculpting in combination with Aqualyx. CoolSculpting is FDA approved to improve excess fat under the chin. Clients who received Chin enhancement Wembley treatment for double chin noted improved skin laxity under the chin and a refined jawline.

Target stubborn double chin fat and streamline your profile with effective, non-invasive Fat Freezing Cool Sculpting treatments. There is no need to wait; treatments can be carried out the same day as your consultation, with visible results from the first application.

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Chin Enhancement Treatments

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Frequently Ask Questions

Generally, there are three things people should be aware of as potential side effects with Chin enhancement London, especially with darker skin, as the risks are slightly higher. Hyperpigmentation, where the skin will darken over time. Hypopigmentation, where the skin will lighten over the area. Keloids scars, while very rare, keloids are raised scar tissue that develops around the treated area.

Other side effects like blistering, scabbing, swelling and itching are pretty standard, as they signify that your immune system has started the healing process. Skin colour does not have any bearing on pain levels, infection or muscle soreness either.

Darker skin tones contain pigment similar to that of tattoo ink. Therefore, more sessions might be required, especially those with darker ink effectively. However, the size and depth of the chin enhancement will also affect the number of sessions needed.

We wouldn’t recommend Picosure for darker skin types. It has a shorter wavelength and causes hypopigmentation quickly on fair skin and even more aggressively on darker skin. At DSL Clinic, we prefer Picoway or Q-switch on darker skin types and black inks.

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