Capillary Reduction

Capillary Reduction

Capillary Reduction

Broken capillaries and spider veins are dilated or enlarged minute blood vessels present just under the skin surface. However, you can get rid of spider veins and capillaries with the right kind of skin treatment. Also, you can keep these skin conditions at bay from reoccurrence. Although broken capillaries are not dangerous to your health, their presence is often bothersome. Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic provides best-in-class treatment for capillary reduction at an affordable cost.

We treat spider veins and broken capillaries by using both intense pulsed light and laser treatment. We use tools that emit light to blast the broken capillaries, resulting in their breakdown, and they disperse through the lymphatic system. You may require a few sessions in a span of few weeks to get the best results from capillary reduction treatment.

The capillary reduction treatment is a non-invasive, safe, and trusted treatment that will give you clear and rejuvenated skin. Moreover, it’s an affordable treatment procedure with very little downtime. Factors like prolonged sun exposure, rosacea, consumption of alcohol, climatic conditions, pregnancy, genetics, and many others cause them to pop up on the skin surface. Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic is a trusted place to offer high-end capillary reduction treatment at a lower cost.

Come to Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, and we will provide you a customised capillary reduction treatment plan.

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Preparation and aftercare

Frequently Ask Questions

At Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, we offer you a free skin consultation to analyse your skin condition and offer you the best treatment plan.

At Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, we ensure top-grade hygiene.Right from time of skin consultation till the treatment sessions, we follow utmost care and hygiene to ensure safety of our clients.

Our Safety and Hygiene Protocols includes:

  • Sterilisation of treatment rooms and equipment
  • Disinfecting the treatment surfaces after each session
  • Use of high-grade disinfectant to clean door handles, knobs, and reception surfaces and treatment rooms.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during treatments along with the use of hand sanitiser as appropriate.
  • Medical response team to address special situations.

The results of Capillary Reduction Treatment vary based on your skin conditions. Also, the results will be more visible after you complete all the sessions recommended by our skincare specialists.

Most of the Capillary Reduction Treatment requires no downtime. And, if you follow the post-treatment care instructions given by our skincare therapists, you will see the results soon.

The skincare experts at Diamond Skin Aesthetic & Laser Clinic may suggest you go for an additional LED Light Therapy along with Capillary Reduction Treatment to obtain enhanced results.

The preparation and aftercare regime for Capillary Reduction Treatment is very important to get the best results. It helps in enhancing the results while minimising the side effects.

We are happy to help. Your complete satisfaction is our No.1 goal.

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